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~ the loves of the harry potter fandom ~

HP Cupid
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Feel the Luff

Do you feel that the fandom we all love is beset with too much trouble? Do you feel lonely when people you love and look up to suddenly develop a few kerfluffles and have a historic 'falling out'? Do you yearn for the good old days when everyone was friends and all we ever did was *loff* each other?

Well, we're bringing it all back with hpcrush! Behold the community where there is nothing but good old fashioned lovin' and squeeing--among the fabulous people of the HP fandom.

This is the place where you finally reveal your secret (and not so "sekrit") crush that you've been stalking following ever since you entered the fandom as an innocent n00bie. Don't be ashamed to shout your affections from the rooftops of Hogwarts. Tell us who you like, who you love, and why you adore them. They can be the best writer you have ever encountered, the most talented artist, or just simply the sweetest and most lovable fandomer you have ever met online or in real life.

You can post as many crushes as you want, and you can post as often as you want. Gifts of fic, art, drabbles, whatits and whatnots, or anything on the surface of the earth are most welcome if you just can't help but shower your crush with evidences of your *loffin*. Who knows, this might develop into a great friendship between you and the object/s of your affections.

So join, post, enjoy, and feel the luff. ^^

(created by \\ passo)
(original concept by \\ novembersnow)