The Devil`s Concubine (zartherbes) wrote in hpcrush,
The Devil`s Concubine

Worshipping....loads of HP Godesses

I worship far too many wonderful people who make me start to dream while consuming hot fanfic in the night or early morning *gg* or staring at just delicious fanworks to die for.
Just to name some of them, there�d be:

passo, my HxT-sis and Maintainer of this Comm. and of so much other lovely stuff ;-)

All the people that are artistically active and drooling @ HxT Lightening & killinggreen, of course

All the writers at, their stories satiated my hunger when i was a bloody HP-FF-Beginner

Fanart-Goddesses like snaples, nasubionna, lizardspots and so many more.

I�m sure i forgot many many wonderful people. But i rarely look into my LJ right now and will definitely continue my worshipping with more time on my hands!:-D

Hugs you
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